Capital Punishment

The Death penalty

Dear President GW Bush,
As you know capital punishment has existed throughout most of our nations''s history.Personally it is not the right procedure to deal with criminal justice.More than five hundred and twenty-five men and women have been put to death by the state. Thirty-five hundred people are now on death row. During 1996, at least four thousand two hundred and seventy-two prisoners are known to have been executed in thirty-nine countries. By the mid-1960''s, public opposition to the death penalty have reached a high.
There are those, however, who have the opposing view of being for the death penalty. The pro side says, ""Once a murderer, always a murderer"". In 1981, Jack Henry Abbot was a convicted murderer. Less than six weeks after his release from a Utah prison, Abbot killed again. Pro capitol punishment supporters believe that some murderers could have been adverted by capitol punishment. In 1931, ""Gypsy"" Bob Harper, who had been convicted of murder, escaped from prison in Michigan and killed two people. After he was recaptured, he then killed the prison warden and his deputy.
Those who oppose the death penalty believe that it is a barbaric practice. Our nation practices the death penalty in five ways. They are by hanging, electrocution, gas chamber, and firing squad (still authorized in Idaho and Utah). The most common is lethal injection. The United States is the nation with the largest death row roster in the world. Since 1989, over twenty-five countries and territories have abolished the death penalty for all crimes. The countries include Angola, Cambodia, Croatia, Andorra, Greece, Ireland and New Zealand. The number of countries joining international treaties against the death penalty continues to grow.
In forty-five states, laws allow life s…

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