Candidates Views on Social Security and Medicare

Prescriptions are costing more and more everyday and there are many people that can't afford them.In the last year alone they have risen seventeen percent. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors") Even the people that have Medicare have had to pay full price for their prescriptions. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors") That's why the candidates for the upcoming election are trying to fix the problem of over priced prescriptions and to strengthen social security. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors")
According to John Kerry Social Security and Medicare are growing at rates that will eventually bankrupt them and that could leave little to pay for everything that the government does. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors")The federal government already spends seven times as much on the elderly as it does on children. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors") He also believes that if we allow that ratio to grow even more imbalanced it would be unfair to today's workers and the next generations. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors")In addition, Social Security and Medicare need to be modernized to reflect conditions not envisioned when they were created in the 1930's and the 1960's. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors")Kerry wants Medicare to offer retirees more choices and a modern benefit package that includes prescription drugs. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors") Although such changes will only add to the cost of the programs unless they are accompanied by structural reforms that restrain their growth and limit their claim on the working families whose taxes support the programs. ("A Plan for Stronger, Healthier Seniors")
Kerry's goals for 2010 are to honor our commitment to seniors by ensuring the future solvency of Social Security and Medicare. ("A Plan for Strong…

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