Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention Weekly Articles of Interest
1. Schools boost milk in junk-food battle:Eager to reduce the intake of junk food on their watch, some school boards in Canada have begun working around their exclusive contracts with cola giants in order to offer students milk in vending machines.
2.B.C. discovery: New way to find cancer genes:Scientists say revolutionary advances in genome science could allow people to provide their doctors with a single blood sample and have tailor-made cancer-fighting diets created to match their own genetic makeup.
3.More Evidence Vegetarian Diet May Cut Cancer Risk:Eating a meat-free, vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, new research suggests.
4.Tobacco firms found liable in Brazilian class action:British American Tobacco PLC and Philip Morris, Inc.’s Brazilian units were found liable for injuries to smokers for thefirst time in a class action, opening the way for millions of dollars in potential claims.
5.New young smokers a frightening trend:A newly released survey showing that smoking has increased among Albertans aged 20 to 44 is a troubling setback in the province’s anti-smoking campaign.
6.Antibiotics increase breast-cancer risk:Women who use a lot of antibiotics appear to face a heightened risk of breast cancer, a new U.S. study has found.
7.Cancer studies frustrate survivor: “It’s very confusing,” said Steffler, a breast cancer survivor and one of the founding members of Guelph’s breast cancer support group.
8.Survivor kits available from cancer foundation:The Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada aims to help Canadians prevent and survive cancer through education and encouragement.
9.Cancer patient written off in B.C. thriving a year after treatment:A year after he was written off for dead by a cancer specialist who told him there was no point in offering aggressive treatment b

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