Cancer Prevention and Treatments

Mitosis and cancer are closely related in that without the process of mitosis, cancer would not exist. Mitosis is a form of cell division in which one cell becomes two. Our bodies are made up of cells and each cell contains genes that determine how our cells grow, function and die. Since mitosis is the process in which our cells replicate themselves and make copies of it’s own DNA, cancers can be caused by mutations that occur during this process. Once this occurs, these new mutated cells do not act like “normal” cells and can multiply as long as they have a regular food and oxygen supply. (1)
A recent drug used in the treatment of colon cancer is Avastin, also known as Bevacizumab. Avastin is administered by injection and is an antiangiogenic agent, which works by essentially starving the tumor or cancer cells. This drug stops the formation of blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to tumors, therefore possibly slowing their growth. Avastin has a long list of side effects including fainting, loss of appetite, heartburn, weight loss and dry mouth. Many of these side effects are common and seen with other drugs used in cancer treatment. However, some potentially life-threatening side effects are the potential development of holes in the wall of your stomach or intestine, the slow healing of wounds, stroke, heart problems, and kidney issues.(2). While I have mixed feelings about this treatment, I am sure that these potential side effects are typical of most cancer treatment plans. I think it’s important to continue the testing of these drugs and that as long as a person is made fully aware of the potential side effects it should be left up to the individual and his or her doctor. As with any medication, most benefits outweigh the potentially negative side effects.
There are a number of lifestyle changes that can be made to help prevent cancer such as avoiding alcohol, tobacco, practicing sun safety, eating right and exercis…

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