Cancer Case study

Mr. L. is a 69 year-old male with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), FAB-M1 normal cytogenetics diagnosed in May of 2001.He received chemotherapy (7+3: AraC/idarubican) at that time and achieved complete remission.He developed a relapse in the April of 2002.He deferred treatment as he was trying alternative medicines.He eventually was treated with chemotherapy (Mylotarg) again in May of 2002, but this did not result in remission and he is considered to be in refractory relapse.
Mr. L. has a history of neutropenic fever, otitis media, diabetes, positive VRE in his blood, and Coronary Artery Disease.Mr. L does understand that there is no cure for his disease and that is why he has chose alternative care.He has refused a referral to UW-Madison & UI-Chicago for research and experimental therapy.
At this time he is still trying alternative medicines, and comes into the Cancer Center for lab draws, and if needed he has blood and/or platelet transfusions.He has refused Procrit and GM-CSF, to assist in his condition.
Mr. L is married and his wife is supportive of him and his choice in attempting alternative medicine.He also has many siblings who are supportive of him and 2 of them were tested for HLA compatibility to see if they would be able to help their brother and tested positive, although due to his remission it is not possible for him to have a transplant at this time.His stressors are having a disease that there is no know cure for, having chemotherapy not work, trying alternative therapies, and having to come into the Cancer Center each week to have his blood work tested (CBC & CMP) to see if he needs to be transfused.With all of this going on Mr. L. still seems to have a positive outlook on his life.
Mr. L. is in Erikson's stage of generativity versus stagnation.I feel that he is in the generativity part of this stage.Generativity is where the person is able to assist the younger generat…

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