Protein Chain Reactions Are Tracked
Does anyone in you family have cancer or have had it before?Most people know someone who has had cancer or who has it now.Cancer is a deadly disease that has no cure.Scientists have been working on developing new techniques and medicines to help cure and stop cancer.The article that I am explaining and researching about is based on a new experiment that tracks the chain reactions of proteins that fuel cancer before, during and after each patient is treated.
They way this experiment works is a scientist shoots a miniature laser at cells form a cancer patient.This laser captures normal, precancerous and tumor cells.This will then help track the chain reactions of proteins that make cancer develop.By tracking the proteins, you get to find out the story of cancer in the patient.Scientists study proteomics, the study of proteins in living cells.This will help them find the disease causing proteins and develop new drugs to stop them.
Most cancer treatments target single proteins.But proteins form networks that direct different cells.This is why some treatments for cancer may help some patients but usually the diseases just reroutes itself along the network to dodge treatment.This new treatment that is being developed takes a picture of the patterns of the proteins and then you can see them change into cancerous cells.Then all you have to do is observe their patter of proteins and see what different treatments do to them.This will help find the right treatment for each patient.
The search for new and better ways to help treat and stop cancer in people has been going on for a long time.It takes about six months to see if a new treatment for cancer works.The patient just takes the medicine or treatment and then has to wait to see what happens.For one of thefirst times the FDA is creating a therapy instead of regaling it like they usually do.This is good since th…

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