There are a few things in the world that can cause your whole life to come crashing down.One of the biggest examples is cancer.If simply hearing the word makes you cringe, imagine being diagnosed with it and being told you only have so long to live.The day a cure is found will truly be a miracle, but until that day we must have faith and support the cancer research foundations in hope of finding a cure. Since cancer has taken so manly lives, it's important to be aware of different effects cancer has on people and how even a small donation to a research foundation can help make a huge difference.
Cancer, the very word is enough to conjure images of gaunt illness and failing strength.One in three people in North America will have cancer at some point in their lives, which means that nobody is exempt from its effects (Lane 119).Whether young or old we all know someone who had cancer or currently has it.It's painful to see your loved one go through such physical and psychological decay.After living a decently healthy life you can walk in your doctor's office for a simple physical and the next day get the results from a test confirming you have a deadly cancer.So now instead of thinking about what your having for dinner, you start to think about death, your family, the mistakes you made and all the other things you try not to think about.Some people are lucky and treatments are effective, but there are so many that aren't that fortunate."In the midst of these intense emotions, one fact grounded me and became my main mantra to this day: I can't always choose my circumstances, but I can choose how I deal
with them" (Harpham XII).No matter how your feeling, as your loved one's supporter, you must stay strong for them because most of their strength will be diminishing as time goes on.Today is our gift.Shake the box; unwrap it slowly; enjoy it; savor it; and embrace it.Ul…

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