Nothing more enjoyable in the world is a child being born.Inherited by the child is his
dad’s nose, his mother’s eyes, and some cancer genes?Cancer genes are being passed down from
parents to children and spreading rapidly.Before a father died from cancer, he passed the genes
down to five children of his own.Later on, two daughters developed breast cancer and his son
had a brain tumor, but before knowing, they experienced at least one birth of their own.These
genes are killers and can appear in many different forms:lung, liver, skin, breast, brain, bladder,
stomach.Cancer is just a good cell gone bad because of one gene mutation.
One little mistake in an amino acid can mess up the whole cell.This altered amino acid
can cause deformed proteins, hence, making the nucleus swollen and the reproduction process
uncontrolable.It is like an assembly line made up of machines, but when it is time to quit for the
day, there is no shut-down lever to pull.In a regular cell, each time the cell divides, it loses some
of a chemical, so after many divisions, the cell uses up all of the the chemical and dies (Begley
43).The cancer produces an enzyme that protects this chemical and becomes basically immortal.
When tumors start growing, the cancer cells start killing themselves because the nucleus is so far
away from any nutrient rich blood vessel.At this time, the cancer goes into a depression.As a
survival instinct, the cancer cells produce a chemical that triggers the production of blood vessels
and forms the veins around the nucleus.Months and even decades can pass before the tumor can
finish this process.After completed, the cancer then begins to travel quickly.As tumor cells
travel through the blood stream, they get stuck in little capillaries.Then it works its way out and
The most widley know cancer in children to adults is called leukemia.There are ac…

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