Cancer is a very common killer disease known today around the world. Cancer is known as one of the most popular diseases, which have grown but because of the new development in medicine there are less deaths. More people are being found with this disease but they're not dying because of the development in there are more cures, for people to survive." Cancer, new growth of tissue resulting from a continuos proliferation of abnormal cells that have the ability to invade and destroy other tissues". The three major subtypes are sarcomas, caranomas, leukemia and lymphoma.Cancer is a disease known mostly as a genetic disorder but also can result of the health of a person. As any disease they're certain symptoms and causes of this disease but there is also treatments and cures. Technology of medicine has expanded to find cures so the rate of deaths will become less. Cancer is a disease known to the world and experienced by many.

Cancer is a killer disease, which is usually detected by tumors. Tumors are cells that multiply which may form a mass (lump). "Not all tumors are cancerous, or malignant; the greatest number are benign".Benign tumors are usually known as being " localized growth and are usually separated from neighboring tissue by a surrounding capsule". "In some instances they may endanger the patient by obstructing, compressing, or displacing neighboring structures as the brain". There are a couple of times which benign tumors that were found to be precancerous and had to be removed.
"Basically, cancer is a genetic process. Gene abnormalities can be inherited or they can be induced in a body cell by a virus or by damage from an outside source". The abnormalities of the cells, which produce cancer, came from the genetics and that's why cancer is so common. People today are learning how its carried down in there families which produces a higher percentage for the…

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