Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my colleagues and I have called you in at such short notice because we need to discuss a patient who was brought to our attention earlier this week.The patient presented with rapidly progressing lymphadenopathy, subsequent examination lymph nodes congested with many small B-lymphocytes.The B-lymphocytes showed a significant chromosomal aberration in the form a 14;18 translocation.The patient has been diagnosed with lymphoma and has been prescribed an immediate course of chemotherapy.This morning's presentation will include a short description of the cell cycle and how and where certain checkpoints of genomic integrity function.My colleagues Associate Professor Cath and Dr Lucia will then explain the steps involved in contracting lymphoma with regards to the chromosomal translocation and its implications.
The cell cycle is broken functionally into 4 sections, Growth 1, Interphase, Growth 2 and the Mitotic Phase.During Interphase the cell goes about replicating DNA in preparation for Mitosis.During the Growth 2 phase the cell synthesizes the proteins and enzymes required to perform the mitotic division, as well as transporting these enzymes to their appropriate positions within the cell.The Mitotic phase is where the cell undergoes division into two separate daughter cells.The Growth 1 phase is the phase we are most concerned with; it is characterised by rapid growth and metabolic activity and a high rate of protein synthesis.It is also the phase where oncogenic processes have their most profound effect.Late in the growth 1 is considered a point of no return within the cell cycle, because once the cell has past into Interphase, it will usually complete a successful cell division.
In order to protect the integrity of the cellular genome a number of checkpoints are present which can halt the cell cycle, and if necessary, induce apoptosis.Apoptosis, or programmed cell sui…

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