A lot of people have known someone who has died of cancer. But what is cancer? Cancer is a disease.However, cancer can't be spotted and treated immediately like any other disease.This is because, well, cancer isn't just any other disease.It's a group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growths.So there isn't just one cancer like there's only one malaria or chickenpox.Cancer comes in over 100 different forms.But how does it work?It occurs at the cellular level in any part of the body, mostly in older people, but children have also been diagnosed with cancer as well.It involves normal cells growing out of control or too rapid, they consume large amounts of the body's energy, and produce toxic substances.The excess tissue the that develops from cancerous cells is called a tumor (sometimes referred to as neuroplasm). Sometimes a tumor may be harmless, known as a benign tumor, and at other times a malignant tumor.A malignant tumor has the power to metastasize, or spread to other parts of the body.The benign tumor doesn't metastasize, however, may become disfiguring or interfere with bodily functions that require surgical removal.
There are two main types of cancer, the carcinomas and the sarcomas.The difference is that a carcinoma, which is the most common, starts in the glands and surface tissues of the body( such as skin, colon, breast, and prostrate) , and the sarcoma that starts in connective tissue (such as bones and muscles) . Also, most human cancers are named after the type of tissue the cancer develops in.Lymphoma, for instance, develops in the lymph glands and is a sarcoma.The cells of the malignant tumors grow and initiate angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels.Proteins that help with the angiogenesis, are called tumor angiogenesis factors (TAFs).The tumors begin to compete with the body's normal tissues, and eventually the normal cells shr…

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