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Are there true freedoms in Democracy?
No, there is not "true" freedoms in democracy for the following reasons; "true" freedoms in a democratic society give us the right and freedoms to make our own decisions a free society. In our present society today, literally everything has a rule or law. From smoking in a restaurant, to speed limits, to soliciting, spanking your children, being nude on public property and the list continues forever…with no joke. Not to say that these laws are not needed, but there should be a limit on them. It is unfortunate to note that "laws" and "rules" in placed by the government not always represent the people (constituents) (indirect democracy) but the governing power makes the decisions for you which is the absolute opposite of "true freedoms in democracy."
The unbelievably large amounts of laws in our society make it very difficult to have freedoms in a democratic society because effectively the "people" are not ruling but the governing power (Government) rules and creates the laws for the people to live with. When a leader or/ and government create laws, it sets an agenda for the people, and if there really is true freedom in democracy, then the people should have the choice to set the agenda (some what anarchist mentality). Democracy by definition means; a government by the people: rule of the majority. A form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly. This definition means that the people rule (all), instead in today' s society the government rules, and becomes a dictatorship. A example of present day dictatorship in Canada is our federal government, (the Liberals) our PM is creating a majority of today's domestic and foreign policy with our advising his executive council (Ministers and caucus). We as a society have so many laws and rules to follow that there isn't any

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