Canadian political culture

Canadian political culture, in a nation-state context, can be defined as beliefs and attitudes that Canadians have of political objects (Jackson, Politics In Canada. 1994). The majority of Canadians usually hold similar political ideas that, unlike firm ideology that varies in due time, are more general and are considered foundation for political culture. It is these values and attitudes that citizens share that are the heart of Canada's nation-state political culture system. The political culture as a whole demands other strands such as regional or linguistic aspects to fully explain Canadian society and how it view politics; however, for this essay, it will only focus on similarities that Canadians share in their political attitudes of a nation-wide culture. It will also touch on the likeness of thought that distinguishes them from other countries.
To understand Canada's political culture, one has to understand some of the historical events that shaped the viewpoints of those living in Canada. It is often seen as a “fragment” country, a country built on two societies (French/English); yet nonetheless there are the common ideologies that all Canadian share. Canada founded its nation through evolution, deciding to absolve itself from the British colonial empire through gradual time and change, unlike the Americans who became independent through the Revolutionary War, and later changed the composition of the government through the civil war. In contrast, Canadians took a more passive, less aggressive approach, which led to how Canadians act and their views on war and peacekeeping. The fact that most firearms are illegal in Canada show how Canadians respect law enforcement, the RCMP and the armed services. The crime rate in Canada is relatively low in comparison to the United States. Even crimes against the state are rare. I!
t generally can be said that Canadians respect the rule of law and the dominion behind it that rule…

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