Canadian Military

“To be prepared for war is the most effective way of preserving peace.” – George Washington
One of the most widely realized problems of the Liberal government is their continuing refusal to turn the Canadian military into a viable combat force. I do suppose it is politically incorrect to kill people and blow things up, but it is often necessary to do so, as there will always be people out there who wish to do this to us. That is why the Canadian Forces must be turned into a modern combat force, capable of fighting and winning a combined arms war on a 21 st century battlefield. To build such a force would require a great deal of money and commitment, two things the Liberals are unwilling to provide. However, a Conservative government may take steps in that direction.
Note: All figures in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. Some costs have been estimated. I estimated high.
Wars are won on the ground. Airplanes and cruise missiles are great, but in the end it is the poor, bloody infantry who take and hold your enemy’s real estate. Perhaps the worst decision made by the Liberal government recently has been to replace Canada ‘s Leopard main battle tanks (MBT) with the Stryker mobile gun system. The Stryker is a sad substitute for a real tank, lacking severely in firepower, and, particularly, armor. In order to fight and win a modern war, our soldiers need a real main battle tank. Also sorely lacking in the present army is an attack helicopter and multiple launch rocket system (MLRS). Here is how I believe we should equip the new Canadian Army.
There would be one armored division, made up of 3 mechanized brigades and an attack helicopter brigade. It would be equipped as follows:
Total Number Unit Cost per unit Total Cost
300 MBT (Merkava-4 or M1-A2) $10mil $3bil
250IFV (upgraded M-2 Bradley) $6mil $1.5bil
120 155mm Artillery (G-6) $5mil 0.6bil

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