Canadian Justice System

Since the dawn of our existence, when we had the freedom to pretty much do anything our inventive minds could conjure up, there arrived a changing point when our ideas went too far or too extreme. There were actions that people of the past and present societies couldn't accept because it felt wrong in every way. This led to a rule called a LAW. All of the countries, states, provinces, and small communities have these laws which keep us under control and keep an orderly society on our planet. Without it there would be chaos and of devastated world.
First lets define what a law actually is; a law is a "…body of official rules and regulations, generally found in constitutions, legislation, judicial opinions, and the like, that is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members."The purpose and functions of law have varied throughout history. In today's society, a politically appointed body of systems lies out or makes the rules that can be agreed upon the standards in society. Laws are in a written form, which has the appropriate punishment that meet, the type of crime. Laws serve a variety of functions. Laws help to maintain a orderly, relatively stable society. Courts provide a social stable existence for us by resolving disputes in a civilized manner. Property and contract laws assist business and private conduct. Laws also limit the potential powers that the government could have to help provide some degree of freedom to society. Law can also been used as a stepping-stone for social change; for instance, some laws have been passed to control the social world and to improve the quality of individual life such as health, education, and welfare.
"Substantive law is defined as the rights and duties of persons and deals with procedures for enforcing those rights and duties" . Substantive law covers a wide variety of matters – for example; what is required to form a contract, what…

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