Canadian Government

The government of Canada is based on the Government of the United Kingdom, though there are some differences. The Government can be broken down in to three groups. Thefirst being The Queen, The Governor-General and the Lieutenant Governors, The second group is the Senate and the last is The House of Commons.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second is the Head of State in Canada. She is also Head of State for many other countries. All legal authority is vested in The Queen. Every time Parliament passes a law, they are doing so with The Queen’s authority. Every time the Armed Forces go somewhere, whether for peace keeping, or war, they are doing so in the Queen’s name. Even when you are pulled over by a local police officer, he too, is acting with The Queen’s authority. The Queen has many duties to perform both in The United Kingdom, and the rest of her Kingdom’s. Thusly, she can not be in each of the countries of which she is Head of State all the time. So Governor-Generals are appointed to represent Her Mother and execute her powers. The Governor-General is usually appointed by Her Mother on advice of the Prime Minister. While in office, the Governor-General maintains and as needed, executes all powers of the Crown on behalf of Her Majesty. Generally speaking, the Governor-General is also given the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Federal Government is not equipped with any means to start by itself. No form of governing can take place with out the Governor-General, in the name of Her Majesty calling Parliament to order. Just as the Queen can not be in all of her Kingdoms all the time, the Governor-General can not be in all of Canada all the time. So they appoint a Lieutenant Governor. Lieutenant Governors act with the Governor-General’s authority on a provincial level. They have almost the same duties as the Governor-General’s but locally as opposed to nationally.

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