Canadian Elections

The year 2000 Canadian elections.This paper is an argument on all sides of each member's party platform.I will argue out each platform, and finally come to an educated decision.To for warn you, I am a card-carrying member of the Progressive Conservative Party.So it will be a hard argument to change the end result.
My view on what should be done in politics in order for me to vote for the right party.
I'm looking for a guy that wants to bring up the issue of lowering tax, take advantage of our newfound economy.The guy who has interest in keeping the wealth to Canadians, keep it in the family sort of deal.I would like to know that I have a job waiting for me when I'm done my education, knowing that my tax money will help me in the long run.Not going to a $200,000 fountain in Chretian's hometown.
One of thefirst things that struck me on the Liberal party platform was the statement,
"Canada will be a smart country. Under a liberal government Canada will expand it's considerable knowledge, innovation, and research capacity, and accelerate its leadership in the new economy.Canada will become a magnet for talented people and new investors." ( Internet:"Liberal party platform"Liberal Home Page (Nov 4, 2000) accessed on Nov12, 2000.) Basically what this statement means, is that the Liberals want make Canada in the top five in the world, on research and development.This will attract new investors into our economy and further boost Canada's current economic system.What I don't understand is how are they going to pay for all of this.Every one the parties have a format for cutting our taxes, some are more reasonable than other's.I don't know much about R&D, but I do know that it's very expensive to research and develop anything.Science is very important to, well everyone.The b…

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