Canada In The Twentieth Century

Every country has a foreign policy.This is what is officially done by a government in its relations with other countries.Many Canadians believe that a truly independent Canada must develop a foreign policy that reflects Canada's national interests.While others hold the view that Canadians should develop a foreign policy based more on global concerns.The goals of foreign policy are to promote sovereignty, social justice, economic growth, and there are many others. I believe that the significant development of a global perspective is necessary to insure our sovereignty and unique identity.
Canada has played an important role to reduce toxic gas emissions into the environment.For example, Canada has committed to the Kyoto Accord and has a plan to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions.Canada is concerned about the environmental affects on life around the world.We stress clean air and water; for example the government has created certain rules on more environment – friendly cars to be manufactured.Canada has kept guard on the disposal of harmful materials, and wastes produced by nuclear plants around the globe.Canada has constructed national parks to preserve forests, wildlife, and has prohibited development in the area.For instance, Banff and Jasper National parks, and there are many others.
The Canadian foreign policy is based on protecting human rights all over the world.We achieve social justice by decreasing poverty in developing countries, and creating more economic opportunities in these countries.For example, Canada doesn't do trade with countries that employ child labour.Canada has committed itself to peaceful democratic changes in developing countries, for instance in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many countries in Africa.Canada has contributed to bring democracy in South Africa, about 10 years ago, in countries such as Namibia, Ethiopia, Angola, Cambodia, and many others.

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