Canada as a 51st State

Lately, living in Canada it is becoming clearer that our border with the United States seems to be vanishing.We have as a country always tried to stay independent and to be unique in our own ways.The multiculturalism and the way everyone lives together shows why Canada is one of the top countries.On the other hand Americans see us as if we are no different than themselves.In many cases they are correct, especially so after the September 11th attacks.
Before all the worry about terrorism Canada was usually there alongside the United States to support them in their actions.Ever since the attack on the States, Canada was not only asked to be there for the Americans, they were just expected to be there.We helped them greatly by taking in all the people, having all planes land here, giving them support and raising money for the families whose members had lost their lives.Of course Canada never received much recognition for their great and sincere efforts.
Lastly, and most importantly is Canada's geographical placement.With the way Canada is placed, having a long and open border with the United States almost melts the two countries together.If the United States was at war it would almost seem like Canada is at war as well.Canada mimics or follows the United States in many ways, sometimes without even realizing that they are doing this.Although Canada is only trying to help their neighbour and try to get along with them, they are also slowly handing themselves over, to become one with the United States and their people.

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