Canada and Colombia: A Comparison.

The global village's idea supposes integration and similar development for the entire world; however, there are a lot of differences among the two hundred countries which the planet has.There is a strong contrast especially between North America's countries and the others countries on the same continent. We can find some similarities when we compare Canada and Colombia; however, they have more significant differences.
On the one hand, Canada and Colombia both have similarities. First of all, they have some economic matters in common.For instance, both nations have a strong economic dependency on the United States. A lot of American Companies like ESSO, AT&T and Coca-Cola control strategic economic sectors in both countries. They also have important natural resources such as oil, natural gas and forest reserves which offer them competitive advantages in the global market. Secondly, Canada and Colombia have cultural elements in common. As western countries, Christianity is the most important religion for people who are from those countries, so the cultural traditions like Christmas, and Holy Week among others are celebrated at the same time with similar activities.Canada and Colombia have several Indian communities which fight to survive culturally .Even though both countries have special programs to protect the native languages, these have been replacing for their official languages. Finally, they have a similar political system. Both have had the same democratic system of government for almost two hundred years which is getting strong every day.Besides that, political power has also been concentrated into two separate parties liberal and conservative parties. Consequently, the other parties have had a small amount of participation in the government's affairs.
On the other hand, those countries differ in some important ways. First, geographical locations are different. F

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