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Can we, do we, and should we legislate morality is a question that rings in the ears of many Americans. It seems that there are more factors, conditions and answers to this frequently asked question than the common person is willing to consider. Let's attempt to take the best ideas from the top scholars on the issue. In order to answer the questions presented, one must fully understand the idea of morality and what it means to legislate it. What is morality?
According to Webster, morality is "A doctrine or system of moral conduct: or particular moral principles or rules of conduct: or conformity to ideals of human conduct." This definition leaves much to be answered, such as: Who sets up this system? Is it relative to ones personal preferences? And can morality be forced on an individual? To further understand morality let us discuss it in more detail. Is morality relative? What laws would be considered laws of morality? Can a democratic country consider morality while writing laws? To deal with the question of relativism we will turn to the writings of Dr. Stephen Schwarz, who is a medical doctor and a writer for Ohio Life, a non-profit pro-life organization.While responding to the idea that people should not impose their morality on others Dr, Schwarz replied, "The morality of not raping, and of not murdering a fellow human being is not "my morality" or "our morality" but morality itself." This implies that there is an absolute morality, maybe we are not capable of achieving it, but it seems that the gray area between white and black is not as large as most would hope. Now on to the next question of: What exactly constitutes morality?
We have already discussed that morality is not relative and at some point becomes absolute. C.S. Lewis gives an in-depth analyzes of morality in his book "Mere Christianity" he talks about morality being the deciding factor between …

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