Can We Affect Political Change

I think we can affect the progression of Canada’s political changes, by making a stand as a group, we can help mould the changes made in our societal goals and create a strong and sustainable economy, and over time make Canada a better place to live. Their will always be an opposition to peace or of symbiotic relationships between all things, but we are only weak if we let that hinder what we want as a society. However, there are people such as Martin Luther King and Lester B. Pearson who have proved that we can in fact achieve political change.
Martin Luther King;s speech in 1963 has made a huge impact of how white people view and treat black people, his speech helped change our society freed black people from their own sense of having to except oppression, the saying all men were created equal despite our difference’s has become more true then ever before.
Lester Pearson was a career foreign service officer who became Prime Minister of Canada, at the time of our centennial in 1967. His message was that we could build this nation on the strength of two official languages and that we could be a multi cultural society. Mr. Pearson’s vision changed this country for ever. The people of this country began to invite families from every part of the worldand many people began to realize that when we worked together we could make our dreams become reality;s. We began to have confidence as a nation and our sense of community became stronger then ever. Mr. Pearson was followed by prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who;s strength of character, intellect and sheer strength of personality caused Canadians in every region across the country to begin to act upon their strengths and to pay less attention to their weakness’perhaps his greatest contribution was the Charter of rights and freedoms.
The Charter dramatically strengthened the rights of individuals such that none of us need to be forced into a grey background without

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