Can science ever provide any final answers to things

Living in this time of the world whereby we constantly seek solutions in Science and its technology for our daily living, no less should it be understood that the answers they provide are not permanent as Science and hence its technology never will remain stagnant. Science is questioning. Its investigative nature does not allow it to cease discovery and stop at a conclusion. Its very nature contradicts anything final. It can be thus said that Science can never provide a final answer to things should it remain Science. Science is a subject which seeks to give logical explanations to natural occurring events and behaviours through different levels of observation. It is hence a way of studying things though its functions do not cease as such.
The answers science introduces are infinite, new conclusions may result with each new discovery. For centuries, people had always believed Earth is at the centre of the universe until Copernicus's heliocentric theory established the fact Earth and other planets revolve around the sun. After which Scientists went to probe further and discovered that there are other universes besides the solar system. Another example would be the changing definition of life as science develops. Atfirst, we thought that life started as a foetus, then scientists claim that the beginning of life actually lies in the embryo,and after some time scientists went on to establish that life only begins fourteen days after the embryo was created-when cell differentiation starts to take place.The answers which science give may not always stay true in the face of time.Therefore,Science can only provide temporary answers based its findings up to date.
Each discovery arouse more curiosity, each answer inspire more questions.
Recent Mars expeditions have discovered that liquid water and a few other biogenic elements like nitrogen and sulfur that are the basis for life are not lacking on Mars and Mars' temperat…

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