Can I have your DNA

Imagine this… sometime in the future (let's say 2050) your DNA is collected at birth – without your permission. This information is then stored into little test tubes for future use by scientists. Of course with every action there is a consequence, and in this case there are positive points and negative points. Your DNA can be used to predict your health, tell you your intelligence potential, used as a source of identification, further research with people with resistance against a particular disease though it might be seen as ethically incorrect and your DNA can be easily stolen and used for inappropriate reasons.
We're at a crime scene… a woman's body lays dead on the kitchen floor. The careless murderer has left some of his DNA on her body and officers have picked it up. If this situation was today, (2004) it would take scientists quite a while to actually find out the identification of this murderer. But if this situation was in the future and supposing we have a special system which all you need to do is place the DNA into a little box leave it there for an hour.Come back later after for instance a coffee break and the system would have compared the DNA with billions of people and came up with the exact person. Now wouldn't that be easy?
Your DNA was purposely stolen, placed upon the crime scene and now you are the murderer. That isn't fair but it is possible and if it is possible how can you deny such scientific proof?
"You have a potential IQ of 10, you'll be placed in the rubbish collecting sector." You wouldn't feel too happy if a computer told you this would you? Say for instance, your DNA can tell you your potential of your intelligence. This can almost be compared to what Hitler did with the Jews and the blue eyed people, instead we would have the intelligent and the not so smart people split.
Wouldn't it be good to know that you'll die at

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