Campaign Finance Reform

The issue of campaign finance reform has been around for many years.It has significantly deterred many qualified people from participating in politics because they feel like they have no way to be heard in a system, which is driven by big dollar contributions.Campaign finance is a confusing topic in many ways. But it is money, which, arguably, determines the very basics of our democracy: Who runs, who wins, and how they govern.This is why this issue is so important in our political systems.This topic has been of controversy for some time now and was noticed in the early 1970's. Since then Congress has established regulations limiting the amount of money Congress members and Presidential candidates can receive from single donors.This is regardless of whether they are corporations, organizations or individuals.However, politicians and parties soon found tricks to outwit these restrictions.There have been several attempts to rid the system of such an image.Multiple proposals have previously been considered, and others are currently being considered.The pros and cons of each must be carefully weighed before coming to a policy decision.Therefore the need of a solution to campaign finance reform has been a great obstacle.This paper will show that indeed stricter laws are required and should be enforced, but also that if stricter laws are established big money will still find its way into the hands of politicians no matter what restrictions are established.
The problem as many people see it is that money talks and that big business and wealthy individuals use their vast income to influence the political system.Therefore, many people feel that politicians do not hear their voice, but rather the voice of big business and wealthy politicians. In many cases, people do not participate in politics because of their frustration with the large role money plays in the political systems.The issue of campaign financ…

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