The Spaniardsfirst founded California when they wanted to increase the Spanish land area.But not many Spanish wanted to live here because of Indians.Then later Mexico fought for California and controlled the land.Then California was officially made a part of America when The Mexican-American war ended on February 2, 1848.Nine days later gold was discovered at Sutter's hill.Then a gold rush swept the Americas.Because of this California's population soared.
One of the main cities in California and the capital of California is Sacramento.It is the marketing and manufacturing center for the northern part of the great Central Valley.The Old Sacramento Historic District along the river is a collection of restored buildings dating from 1849 to 1870, the period of the Pony Express and the gold rush. Also, other attractions for tourist include the California State Library, and the governor's mansion.Also the Indian museum at Sutter’s Fort State Historical Monument is a top attraction.
One of the two dominating cities in California is Los Angeles.It is the largest city in the state.It also passed Chicago to become the second largest city in the world.In the city there are about 3.2 million people.Los Angeles is on the pacific coast of southern California.Los Angeles was founded in 1781 b the governor of the Spanish, at the time, California.Los Angeles has been hit by two major earthquakes and is also under pre-caution for more.Los Angeles is the home of the Lakers, the Clippers, the Dodgers and a few other professional sports teams that I cant think of right now.Los Angeles neighboring city is San Francisco.
San Francisco is the other dominating city in California.San Francisco stands at the entranced of the San Francisco Bay.The Golden Gate Bridge leads you into the city.San Francisco is considered by many to be the most cosmopolitan on the west coast.The bay wa

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