cairo air pollution

The path to the implementation of Law 4/1994, known as the Environment Law, is overworked with obstacles, but advancement is being made nonetheless. The need to regulate lead foundries and other polluting industries, cut down vehicle exhaust emissions often has environmentalists wondering which way to turn next. But the Ministry of Environment seems to be adopting a step by step approach that is producing concrete, but still finite, results.
Cairo is one of the most important megacities in the whole world. Before defining Cairo as a megacity, we have to determine the definition of megacities as a whole. They are cities that have a great increase in population with the beginning of the year 2000.According to the most current United Nations estimates there are about 23 megacities, 18 of them are in developing countries. They are becoming more pivotal because they determine how we will live on this planet on that new century. This century is not the century of small areas. It is of huge cities, which have significant and complicated problems that have to be resolved by constructing well-planned projects.
Cairo has many crucial problems, consequently; it has to be considered as a megacity. Overpopulation, traffic problems and all kind of pollution are notable problems in Cairo. In my point of view, air pollution is a very weighty problem that is capable of defining Cairo as a megacity. It is the air dust in the throat, black clouds of cars and bus exhaust, and some days a gray haze hangs over this swelling metropolis, which make up the problem. “The biggest hazard facing Egypt today is air pollution,” Salah Hafez said, executive director of the Official Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).
According to a report released last September by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an estimated sixteen thousands deaths can be attributed to dust and particles in Cairo’s air. Moreover, lead in Cairo’s air…

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