Caffeine and its Effects on the Body

Caffeine and its Effects on the Body
Before one asks for a can of soda, or a cup of tea or coffee, one needs to realize exactly what they are putting into their body.Tea, coffee and soda are only a few beverages containing a drug called caffeine, that is proven to be addictive and may even be harmful to your health.Even though caffeine’s addiction may not be as severe as heroin, cocaine, or even alcohol, it is still an addiction and should be taken very seriously, like any other drug dependence.It is not yet proved or disproved to be associated with the development of many diseases and health concerns.This means that people in general have to take into consideration the fact that caffeinated beverages or food may cause cancer, heart problems, or ulcers before drinking that cup of coffee.Maybe this will make people stop and think about keeping their body healthy.
According to an old legend, ever since the third century, monks began using caffeine in order to help them stay awake during evening prayer services.Now, almost seventeen centuries later, we are still using caffeine for the same purpose as well as other purposes. (Blonz, 1995 p.50) Also, it is said that in the year 2700 BC, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung had a cup of hot tea.In the eleventh century, Arabians were known to brew coffee.As well, the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, treated the Spanish conquistadors to a chocolate drink when they were exploring the New World. (“What You Should Know” 1992) Apparently, the Ethiopians mixed crushed dried coffee beans with fat and rolled them together and ate it during their journeys. (“What You Should Know” 1992) Beverages containing caffeine were and still are more popular than decaffeinated beverages.Is this because caffeine tastes good or because people like the feeling that caffeine gives them?
Caffeine is a natural substance can be found in the leaves, fruits, or seeds of more than sixty-three plants.In its na…

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