BY01 Enzyme Catalase

The enzyme catalase speeds up the decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen as shown here, 2H2O2——————-*2H2O+O2.
It is one of the fastest known enzymes and its turnover number is 6 million, which means the number of substrate molecules which one molecule of the enzyme turns to products per minute.This can be demonstrated by putting a piece of liver into a beaker of Hydrogen Peroxide, the fizzing shows a demonstration of the enzyme in action.
My aim is to examine how the concentration of the substrate hydrogen peroxide affects the enzyme catalase.
I am going to investigate the effect of varying the substrate concentration on enzyme catalase.I am going to use 8 different concentrations and record the time taken to collect 20ml of gas in the gas syringe.I will repeat all the 8 concentrations twice so I can see if they match, spot out any anonymous results and also I can work out the average time it takes to produce 20ml of gas at the certain concentrations.I will vary the concentrations by increasing and decreasing the amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide and water.
First of all I will ensure I have enough enzyme solution for the whole experiments so the enzyme solution is standardised.With the results I get I will try to work out the ? Vmax.I will do this experiment at room temperature so the enzymes get enough kinetic energy to collide.I will need 80ml of the enzyme solution because I will use 5ml for all of the experiment and I will do 8 different concentrations and I will repeat this concentrations twice so that is 5x8x2= 80.First of all I will set out the equipment as I will show in the diagram then I will cut some pieces of liver, which is the source of the enzyme.Then I will grind the pieces of liver with the mortar and pestle, which will have sand and Di ionised water (which is water with no H ions in it its PH is neutral).The sand will help cut open the cells of the liver. I will…

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