Business Prospect

JAZ Pen Company is a new and very promising competitor in the ball point pen producing field. JAZ pens are like none other the have a new technology in them called "Flow-through Venturi ShaftsO", that make the flow of ink from the pen to the paper as smooth as cutting through butter with a hot knife. The new technology is just one of the more obvious characteristics that make JAZ pen's one of the best on the market. Although JAZ only focuses on pen we put the utmost effort into making them the best that we possibly can.
JAZ Pen Company uses all of the resources it has available to produce the best pens on the market. We carry many different lines of pens in many colors and styles. Thefirst in our line is that of the "Classical Wood Line", these pens are made from only the finest redwood and are engraved, if requested free of charge.Our second line is the "Chrome Line", this line is chrome plated aircraft aluminum that provides for both durability with a stylish shine that adds to anyone's personal collection of writing utensils. Our third and final line is that of the "Marble Ventrui Line", this last line uses the best marble available to make a elegant shell for the patented Flow-through Venturi ShaftsO, this provides both quality and beauty at the same time.
JAZ Pen Company sits on 47 acres of riverside property and operates out of a large factory that is equipped with a assembly line and the space the hold 120 employees. We are provided with utilities by local agency's such and the hydroelectric plant downstream for electric, and water is obtained by the water works. Materials run JAZ $5,000 a month for marble, aluminum, redwood, and all other pre-made parts. Our utilities cost JAZ Pen Company, approximately $3,250 per month. Our workers are payed at a rate of $13.50/hour and work 5 day and week at 10 hours per day 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. This costs JAZ $388,000 per mon

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