Business and Environment Ethics CFC’s

Do businesses really have any obligations to the environment is the question inquired here. According to the Biocentric view, yes businesses do have obligations and I am going to defend that view because according to me there are not only humans that are important in this eco-system and Homocentric view is contrary to my believes.
The Freon Products Division is a part of DuPont Company. They produce chlorofluorocarbons also known as CFC;s. In the past years hard evidence has accumulated proving that CFC;s contribute to ozone depletion which leads to increased levels of radiation reaching earth;s surface thus causing increase in skin cancer rates and damage to crops and fisheries. CFC;s are used in many industries to produce coolants in refrigeration systems, foams, solvents, cleaning agents and propellant in aerosol containers. It is known as chemically stable, low in toxicity and nonflammable. The down side is that CFC;s do not really have an identical substitute and finding a sub. Is very costly, if indeed CFC;s are harmful to the environment the Freon Products Division will have to face this fact.
In 1987 for DuPont Freon Products Division, $600 million in revenue was from 50 million pounds of CFC production. This was only 2% of the total revenue.
The challenge Joe Glas director of FREON PRODUCT DIVISION (Freon Products Division) faces is that there are new regulations on the production of CFC;s and he has to decide whether to do nothing, take an active role in support/opposition of controls or cut production. The point of pressure is that FREON PRODUCT DIVISION;s political strategy is ;If we can;t make it safely, we won;t make it at all.; Meaning the company will comply with government regulations and their own standards. This made me recall what Hoffman said; ;sometimes doing right isn;t good for the business.; Ye

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