bush’s visit to elementary sch

This Tuesday, February 22nd article by the Philadelphia Inquirer;s Jodi Enda talks about
President Bush;s visit to Townsend, Tennessee elementary school. In his visit, the
president got the chance to sit in some classrooms. But he was there mostly to speak more
thoroughly about some of his new education plans. Bush talked about his proposal to
allocate $1.6 billion more dollars to elementary and secondary education. This would be a
9% increase in spending. The article goes on to explain the idea of annual testing of grades
3 through 8 and the three-year fail plan. The plan for school vouchers is also further
explained. As the story winds down, the writer talks about some differences between Bush
as president and past presidents. Mainly saying how Bush is thefirst Republican to really
increase spending. The last paragraph talks about how the Head Start program will be
moved into the Department of Education and what changes may occur from that.
In the last part of the article the topic is Head Start. The writer talks about how
Bush wants to move it into the Department of Education so that more emphasis is placed
on reading and math. I see this to be a way for him to keep some of the older Americans
happy. There is lots of talk these days about students not knowing the fundamentals. And
this move would make the older citizens of America very happy that kids are learning the
basics. Where I have a problem with this is that technology has changed things. These
aspects aren;t really focused on as heavily because machines can now do a lot of the work
for us that we previously had to do.
I;m not to sure about how many of these new ideas will be accepted by congress.
There is no way that everyone will agree on the plan. I really hope that most of the plan
does go through so that there will be some changes. I think now is a really good time to
change the system.

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