Bush’s Cold War

For fifty years, the total purpose of American foreign interaction was to stop the spread of Communism.Only the threat of annihilation could prevent the citizens from rolling back into their traditional isolationism.George Washington himself preached that the United States should stay out of European affairs, and his people didn;t forget that.Keeping their noses out of Europeans; business was like second nature.
Unfortunately, the Cold War changed that.If the US wanted to keep its allies democratic, or at least dictatorial, it would have to give them a reason to stay that way.In Eastern Europe, countries were given money and other supplies to keep themselves out of poverty.Impoverished people tend to turn towards Communism.In South America, harsh dictators were supported only because a dictator is not going to let his people turn against him.For the longest time, this plan worked.
However, fifty years is a long time.By the time the USSR broke up in 1991, the American people were used to meddling in foreign affairs.Sitting back and funding internal improvements and the economy no longer appealed to the ;Great Society;.As a consequence, the old President Bush defended Kuwait from Iraq, not so much that it was necessary for the United States, but because it seemed ;right; and ;just;.This policy has been imitated in Bosnia, Kosovo, and partially in Iraq (after no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found, Bush tried to turn this into a war to save the Iraqi people).
This is not a good trend.If the US continues to meddle in other people;s business, it will make some powerful enemies.The United Nations has already been deeply offended when Bush ignored its demand not to invade Iraq.Being the largest cooperation of democratic nations in the world, the UN is not a group to infuriate.If the European Union decides to shun the US, a crippling amou

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