Bush vs. Kerry

On the 2 of November in the USA the elections 2004 will be started and about 400 million Americans are called to cast their favourite for president. In the last 8 month the candidates for the vote visited places all over the country to present their opinion and program for the future. They also meet themselves three times for a discussion in TV. They are two very different persons, with lots of differences in their program. On the one side, there is George W. Bush junior. He is the son of George Bush an ex president of the US and in that way a member of the famous Bush dynasty. He is also the existing president and the deputy of the Republican Party. On the other side there is John F. Kerry husband of a wife whose family has lots of influence and member of the Democratic Party. Both have aimed to become the new president of the most powerful country of the world. So on second of November the Americans have to decide whose policy is the better one .For this decision the inhabitants of the USA have to think about the different types of policy and then decide. In this essay I want to point out the differences and who is possible the better candidate.
In the last 4 years we got an insight in George Bush's policy. He reformed many things in an aggressive way and changed lots of things. His period as president stamped of the 11th of September and the following situation in the Middle East. Was it the right way to bomb Afghanistan and fight against Al Kaida? Yes it was the right way to do that because nobody in the world should be frightened by terrorism and he also did it in the right way by asking the United Nation. He leaded the world to a war against terrorism. After the Afghanistan conflict he did a crazy fault and decided to bomb the Iraq in the name of "war against terrorism" without a legitimation of the UN. This was a negative side of his aggressive way of policy because it spitted the world

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