Bush vs. Kerry

Bush is parading around in the southwest saying that things are
going really well, while the democratic challenge points out that there are
problems in the midwest.
President Bush and senator John Kerry debated recently over a
serious issue that could decide the whole election and economy. The
president says that there are going to be low interest rates, and strong
business growth but Kerry is arguing that in fact this is not true that many
jobs will be lost, and poverty will increase. Kerry says that the economy
is weak and he plans to cut corporate taxes by 5 percent. He says that this
will encourage companies to add jobs overseas.
Bush says that rates of homeownership are rising, and its a trend he
hopes to continue in his second term and its atrend he hopes to continue
in his second term, especially amongst Latino minorities. Kelly although
insists that Bush has a record of negative job growth and stagnant income.
He is to blame for not fixing long term unemployment. 3 million more
Americans have fallen into poverty under Bush’s presidency, not to mention
that 4 million more have lost health insurance.
Bush’s focus on homeownership is part of his strategy to build a
vision of the nation as an ownership society. Also, social security and
other programs might be replaced by stock/bond accounts. and more housing
means more jobs for carpenters. Kerry is focused on jobsfirst to create
10million jobs over 4 years.
Kerry is calling for taxing U.S company’s overseas profits at the
same rate as its profits are earned. Many are surprised at his call for lower
corporate tax rates but its to get the job done.
Kerry is the better choice over all. We can’t let government take away
social security and healthcare and other programs. Also, as a nation job
opportunities need to increase, then we can worry about homeownership.

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