Bush Summary

In "Bush Redux" appearing in the January 22, 2001 issue of U.S. News and World Report, journalist Kenneth T Walsh points out the differences and similarities between George W. Bush and his father.Now that he's on the verge of power-in effect, taking over where his father left off- the big questions are how his leader ship will compare with his namesake's and how much the second Bush Presidency will amount to a restoration of thefirst.
Both father and son are deeply committed to public service as a noble calling.The younger Bush recognized this mission much later in life than his father, but both share the conservative belief that government's role should be minimized in society.Both also insist on loyalty, good management, and good manners from those around them.There is no better evidence of the younger Bush's respect for his father's approach than the fact that he is reassembling many of his father's presidential advisers in his own administration.The son is a more engaging politician than the father, building on his natural gregariousness and the backslapping skills he honed as a Texas oilman. Perhaps most important, the son emphasizes domestic issues rather than the foreign policy concerns that absorbed Bush the elder.Anyone who doubts that the new president will consult regularly with his president will consult regularly with the predecessor doesn't understand the Bush way.Staying in touch with family and being humble enough to ask for help when it's needed is part of the code.
Above all Bush wants to accomplish the five goals he set forth in running for the White House: winning approval for a big across-the-board tax cut; improving education by requiring schools to regularly test student performance and offering vouchers to let parents remove their children from failing schools; bolstering Social Security by allowing pe

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