Bush's Views
Social Issues

• Against abortion and gay marriages
• Tried to pass a ban on gay marriage and abortion
• Feels that abortion is murder against children
• The president endorsed a constitutional amendment that would restrict marriages to 2 people of opposite sex, "defining and protecting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife."
• Bush said state legislatures should decide the legal agreement other than marriage, such as civil union for same sex couples.


President Bush wants to focus on building a more prosperous, competitive economy. He wants to be a strong engine for jobs for years to come. Part of his plan includes reforming education; building a skilled and effective workforce; encouraging a fair tax system; promoting research and development in both the public and private sectors; opening markets for American goods around the globe; and reforming government to be smaller but more efficient, responsible, and effective. Bush will put $500 million towards jobs, and help educate and train workers in schools and community college. He wants to improve economy's ability to create jobs and raise wages. He wants to create 7 million new, affordable homes in 10 years. More affordable health care plans for small business.

Environment and Energy

Bush has many objectives in improving the environment. To name a few he wants clear skies, climate change and clean air.
1. Clear Skies Initiative
• Reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide mercury by 70%
• Help states meet tougher new air quality

2. Clean Air Interstate Rule
• Complete clean air rule (require the steepest emissions cuts in over a decade).

3. Mercury Rule
• Finalize the rule that will cut mercury emissions by 70%
• The rule will improve public health and protect at least 3 of the wetlands over the next 5 years.

4. Farm Bill …

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