Bush's Foreign Policy

A recent article incorporates quotes made by Bush dealing with his stands on foreign affairs. While it is apparent that his beliefs are focused on several concepts, the main ones displayed in this article are cooperation and force, as he believes in "a distinctly American internationalism."
President Bush values US involvement in the world, without the military being the answer to every difficult foreign policy situation. His many goals concerning the issue of becoming more involved include promoting a fully democratic Western Hemisphere, extending peace, and checking the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. Bush's ultimate strategy in attempt to achieve these goals is to pursue them with focus, patience, and strength. With these goals, Bush is trying to bring a sense of unity among countries, thus expressing his desire for cooperation.
Another goal of President Bush that focuses on the concept of cooperation is to embrace free trade. The strategies he plans on using include ending tariffs and breaking down barriers everywhere, entirely. He also wants to open markets for our producers abroad. By establishing free trade, a sense of cooperation would be created among all countries of the world because we would be able to agree on the terms in which we would trade.
The second concept examined in this article is force. Bush wants America to build effective missile defenses in order to protect our country as well as our allies against the new threats of the 21st century. This policy is based on the value of loyalty. Bush is loyal to the US and our allies and under this foreign policy is willing to use whatever force it may take to provide our country as well as others with protection.
Through the president's goals to promote peace, become more involved in foreign affairs, and establish free trade among all countries, he is ultimately working to c…

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