For months now, the Bush Administration has been preparing the nation, and the world, for an inevitable confrontation with Iraq. This is a war a long time in the making. This war comes with many problems and many prespectives. The major conflict which is most likely to push The United States to war, is Iraq’s lack of coaporation to satisfy United Nations demands over weapons inspections.Nobody ever thought that The United States could be attacked . After September 11th we knew that things could never be the same. Since then Iraq has become a clear and present threat to our saftey. Iraq refusing to coaporate with us makes it more likely that we will go to war with them. As long as The United States feels that Iraq is a possible threat to the nations saftey then war is a possibility.
The threat of our saftey was possible long before Setember 11th. Saddam Husen leader of Iraq has always been uncoaprotive with mass distruction weapons. He had used weapons of mass destruction in the past. As far as we know he had never stopped in trying to develope them. We are just trying to help I raq. A Democratic Democracy would help liberize the Arab world. The people of Iraq are treated horrible. The Iraq goverment is a threat not only to the United States but to the whole world. Although many of the allies have not stepped up to help us. Iraq is not only attacking The United States he is attacking our belifes. Which many other contries share with us. Nobody wants to live in a world ran like Iraq. The war is in effort to stop Iraq before they are able to attack us unexpectedly. Why dont they want to hand over their weapons?
The question is though are we going to war with Iraq or terrorrisom? Who and what are we scared of? If it is terrorism that we are trying to prevent and control then war is wrong. Al Queda will be at war with the U.S. no matter what we do in Iraq. Containment has worked for over 10 years and inspection might still be help…

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