bunsen burner

Materials and Procedure: crucible tongs, striker, safety goggles, index cards, apron, copper wire, steel wire, and glass rod.
Prepare all the materials on the lab table.
1. Examine the burner on the lab table.
2. Separate the burner to pieces to study them.
3. Study the parts and observe the gas, and air inlet. If you don't know where they are, then look at the back of laminated procedure sheet to find out where it's located.
1. Put the rubber hose into the gas outlet located on the lab table.
3. Using the striker, strike it on the tip of theBunsen burner to light a flame
5. If you do not have a yellow flame, hold your hand on the bottom of the base's opening.
6. Using the glass rod you prepared, hold it in the yellow flame for few seconds.
7. Observe the changes in the experiment.
III. Temperature and the Bunsen Flame
1. Open the air inlet by turning the knob located on the bottom of the Bunsen burner in order to get colorless flame.
2. Hold the tip of steel wire using the crucible tong, and place the other tip of the steel wire in to flame of several points.
3. Make a diagram of the Bunsen Flame.
4. Indicate the appropriate temperature for each points you have selected in the drawing. For temperature, use the guide on the bottom column in laminated procedure sheet.
6. For next experiment using the index cards, ask teacher for guidance.
7. Place the piece of index card horizontally into the tip of the inner flame.
8. Examine and observe the index card, and record it.
9. Place another index card horizontally above tip of the outer flame.
10. If card is caught on fire, pour water on it.
11. After use of Index card, put it in to the large garbage located left corner of the class room.
1. When I was holding the glass rod on the f

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