In my research for investing my new found $100,000 I came to the conclusion that there are many ways to maximize my returns.Whether it be to benefit my life after retirement, to earn a steady income or in hopes of making a seven figure salary. Of all choices available, the ones that I feel are the most reliable in achieving my goals are money market accounts (MMA), real estate, and IPO's.

My reason for choosing a money market account is because experts, such as Greg McBride of BANKRATE.Com,say that there are many high yielding MMA's which provide consumers with a competitive, risk-free rate of return, without sacrificing access to their money. As for investing my money to earn an income, I would invest in a piece of real estate. The rental income generated from this investment would very lucrative because it would be tax free. However, if I would be looking to get rich fast, choosing the right IPO could yield the highest returns on my money. In recent years, hundreds of new stock issues more than tripled during the course of a business day….

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