Bugs Emotions

Recently in class, we did a study on potato bugs, and how you can tell if they have emotions. I was gone the two days that we did the lab, so I am writing you a small report about my idea about bugs and their emotions. Atfirst, when you think about it, most people would shrug unknowingly and reply, "I don't know," or some people just automatically think that they have no emotions. It is a hard question, something that you just can't figure out by thinking. It is something that you have to research, and maybe even do a test on a bug, and see what happens.
I have an example that will help my conclusion to the question that was asked. My dad has a fish tank with four small frogs inside. Everyday, he puts some small crickets into the tank for the frogs to eat. We've sat there next to the tank and watched them eat the crickets, and this is how I figured out that bugs do have emotions. Not every kind of emotion, but simply instinct, which I would consider a type of emotion. You can tell this because when the frogs would be hungry and begin to prey on the crickets, the crickets would respond by standing completely still, or running away. They sense that something is going to happen, so they do the best that they can to stop that from happening.
An instinct is something that any form of life has when they are born, It's something that's there, and you might not notice it sometimes. It can be a form of an emotion because you don't really notice your emotions that are there until you need to use them, just like your instinct. You use your instinct when you know that something is wrong or you need help. Your emotions really don't show either until you need to use one of them, say when your upset, then your emotions come out.
The way that the crickets acted when the frogs were coming to eat them…they were acting like they knew that something was going to happen to

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