Buffalo City Hall: An Evaluation

City Hall is one of the most distinguished buildings in all of Buffalo, located at the head of Niagara Square facing Court Street.Many Architects and critics say that Buffalo would not be the same without City Hall.The building of City Hall began with the ground breaking on September 16, 1929.At the time, the price of this Buffalo landmark was a pretty hefty sum, $6,851,546.85, making this building of the most expensive city halls in the country. Also, City Hall was not just an expensive venture by the Buffalo Government, it also turned out to be one of the largest city halls in the country at 71,700 square feet.City Hall was built by the John W. Cowper Company; the same firm that designed the Statler Towers and the Buffalo Athletic Club prior to the design of City Hall.
Located at the end of Court Street, City Hall represents the edge of the Financial District in Buffalo that consists of Court Street above City Hall.It is somewhat symbolic that possibly the most important building in Buffalo heads off the most essential district in Downtown Buffalo.Being as an important building as it is, City Hall can be seen as a symbolic landmark of justice in Downtown Buffalo.Holding the Chamber of the Buffalo Common Council, which is a group that make some of the most important decisions that will either make or break the future of the City of Buffalo.
Niagara Square is the most important square in all of Buffalo.It is located in the center of the downtown district, which houses the most important buildings in Buffalo such as City Hall, the old Erie County Courthouse, and many other federal and important local buildings.Almost all of the major streets in Buffalo branch out from Niagara Square.These "branches" can also be looked at as paths towards City Hall from the rest of Downtown Buffalo.The location of City Hall is also loca

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