Buddhists believe that we have a specific problem as human beings. How ever they also offer a very specific answer to what this problem is and what we can do to fix the problem. Buddhism is expressed in the four noble truths, which offer us a clear route to salvation and nirvana. Nirvana is believed to be salvation a release from suffering as human beings, which can be reached by following the 8-fold path. This is the fundamental idea of Buddhism, a path that can lead humans to there nirvana and not to suffering.
Our fundamental problem as human beings is that we suffer. We are constantly suffering, this continues from one life to the next through reincarnation. Realization that we have a problem is thefirst of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.In Theravada Buddhism we don't simply suffer in superficial ways, instead we suffer in permeates in every aspect of our lives. We suffer in when we are ill as well and when we see our loved ones ill. We suffer from thefirst moment of life birth, all the way through our very last moment of life, death. While we do experience brief periods of happiness and satisfaction in life, the suffering that we experience heavily outweighs any brief period of happiness or satisfaction.
The second of the Four Noble Truths explains the causes of suffering. There are many causes to suffering, the most fundamental being our desires and cravings. Buddhists believe that any form of craving or desire, such as a desire for sex, money or love will lead to suffering.However the problem doesn't lie in what we desire and crave, it is simply the act of desire that causes suffering.Even the most selfless desires or love of our families is a form of craving; therefore leading to suffering.
Another cause of suffering is the misconception that there is a true self, which Buddhism believes to be untrue.The doctrine of Impermanence states that not only are our lives impermanent, but also the self th…

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