bubonic plague

No one – peasant or aristocrat – was safe from the disease , and once it was contracted , a horrible and painful death was almost a certainty . The dead and dying lay in the streets abandoned by frightened friends and relatives .
The Black Death was one the major scourges of the Middle Ages . It killed indiscriminately without remorse or thought of consequences . Because the disease was so wide spread , theories about causes , blame and a variety of supposed cures abounded . Most of these were without basis or facts and relied on myths and rumors . Theories for the causes and blames came from ignorance and hate , two horrible things married by fear . Some of the cures weren't much better than the plague itself .
The plague was transmitted to humans by fleas from infected rats that nested in people's roofs . Experts could do nothing to cure or explain the plague . The people of the period of the plague had no idea what they were up against . Even if they had knew what the cause was , their medical technology was almost nonexistent , so they could not have created a cure . Though the doctors of the time were unable to cure , or even explain it , they did observe it's symptoms and try to supply theories of the plague's cause . People were aware that if you came in contact with their belonging's you would soon be afflicted with the disease .
There were three main theories about why the plague had stricken an area . Thefirst was a corrupted atmosphere , the second was the alignment of the planets , and the third was the wrath of God .
The black death killed a third of Europe's population . The rein of terror lasted for twenty years in the fourteenth century . This horrible disease killed young and old , rich and poor . The plague knew no boundaries . Today we might think that the beliefs of the fourteenth century were barbaric and arch

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