Bryan’s major role in the 1896 presidential election

William Jennings Bryan was a radical, highly recognized and often
criticized candidate representing the democratic and people’s party in the
election of 1896.His major role during the 1896 election was that of
representative of the common people.Bryan argued for the benefit of all
men as equals, whether farmers, laborers, urban or rural professionals,
black or white, his interests lie in the common good of all.Bryan
advocated for a government that would truly serve the people, and not just
specific “causes” or premises.His strongest platform was support of a
monetary move from a gold standard to a dual monetary system where gold and
silver backed the American dollar.His ideas were supported by many, but
his methods were considered non-mainstream and he was often criticized for
his unconventional methods.Bryan was unpopular on many levels because he
took a very loud and active stand on many issues that were controversial
and somewhat unpopular.Some of his issues included support for amendments
that would establish prohibition and women’s suffrage (CHI, 2003).He also
encouraged the establishment of a Department of Labor, and was working on
reforming currency issues (CHI, 2003).The currency issue became the
biggest source of unrest during his political campaign.
Many referred to him as a commoner because he tirelessly strove to protect
the interests of farmers and laborers.He sought to support agriculture
which was facing decline in the face of industrialism and increased
manufacturing influence (CHI, 2003).He is most well known for his cross
of gold speech, which represents his tireless support for a bi-monetary
currency standard that supported gold and silver. Bryan was at best a
controversial, but well known and supported figure during the 1896
election.He was beat by his republican opponent at the time, McKinley,
however Bryan continued to advocate for his i…

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