"What made my life different from the parable is that both of my parents did have claims. And in order to remain whole, I needed both of them, but that seemed not to be an option.Something inside me was not just depressed but dividing, cracking, splintering, pulling me back and forth between my two parents, and occasionally I wished I could walk through a picture window and have the sharp, broken shards slash me to ribbons so I could finally look like I felt" (Wurtzel 75).What made Elizabeth's life so miserable is that her depression did not end their.She had an obsessive compulsive disorder to be perfect and the chemicals in her head were imbalanced.Which one was to blame?
Elizabeth's parents contributed to her depression, but both in different ways.Her mother was just as crazy as she was.Some mothers are capable of handling their children's problems, but Elizabeth's mom was clearly not one of them.She was just as likely to have a panic attack as her daughter, but she did love her with all her heart.The father on the other hand just up and left, abandonment.Since he decided to leave, he left Elizabeth's mom to all the responsibilities of; raising, feeding, shelter, food, love, comfort and acceptance.The few times Elizabeth actually saw her father, when she was younger, he slept through the whole visit.He somehow was able to connect with her but more as a curiosity."I could see that he might have understood me better than my mom did, but he really didn't love me as devotedly" (Wurtzel 73).
From her story her parents are only the half of it, the outside part.She had something else going on inside her head and that was something very serious.It came from within her; she couldn't accept who she was.She wanted so much to impress everyone around her that she forgot who she was inside, and that was a good child.

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