Broca and Werniches aphasia

Broca'sand Wernicke's Aphasias
Broca'sand Wernicke's aphasias suggest s obvious organization of language in the brain through the Standard model.Individual aphasics in practice exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, and research has revealed that language areas are not located strictly in their prescribed areas as mentioned earlier, but aremodular, often some distance away, or even branched out in some cases. Their work also suggests that the language faculties are largely independent of other, non-linguistic functions of the brain.
Brain damageand the effects of brain damage are highly unpredictable, and one of the common resultsis the disruption of the victim's ability to use language. Disordered language resulting from brain damage has usually been called aphasia. Though since this term means literally "absence of speech", and since few if any lose their linguistic ability entirely, many neurologists now prefer the term dysphasia which mean "disordered speech". However for the purpose of this essay , it will be referred to as aphasia.
In thefirst half of the nineteenth century several researchers independently noticed that a number of brain-damaged patients had strikingly similar disordersof speech. All the victims upon further post-mortem study, proved to have suffered damage to roughly the same part of the brain. In 1864, surgeonPaul Broca announced his results after observing eight patients. The disorder described was Broca's aphasia, and the area identified was called Broca's area, concluding that Broca's area produces the symptoms of Broca's aphasia.
Broca's area of the brain is a small patch , not more than an inch across of the cerebral cortex. For the majority of people, Broca's area is found on the left side of the brain. Damage to this area produces a specific and identifiable type of aphasia. The victim's speech beco…

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