Brief History on the Psychology of Human Behavior

Brief Theory on the Psychology of Human Behavior
Behavior, Is it consciously or subconsciously driven? When an individual is conscious they are aware of their feelings, thoughts, and memories ( Uba-Huang ,p.486). When one is subconscious; feelings, thought, and memories exist in the mind without entering conscious awareness (Webster, p720). In my opinion people are both consciously and subconsciously driven when it comes to behavior.All day your life is constantly filled with a different variety of memories, behaviors, mannerisms,and feelings and they are bothconscious and subconscious.An example of a conscious feeling is when you cut your finger and you see blood you automatically think of pain.An example of subconscious is when you are at a baseball game, and you know that you should be home studying for your Math test, instead of being at the game.
When you mention behavior there's always the word emotion right behind it. Emotion is a coordinate package of three experiences: biological arousal, thoughts and expressions (Uba-Huang, p.465). "We feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble…" (James 1890-1981,p.1066). You can relate to this poem because your emotion is what builds your behavior. That's were thought comes into it. Emotion and thought are not the same thing. It takes your thought to build the emotion that will then lead to a behavior. For example, say someone does something unfair to you. Thefirst thing you would do was think about how that hurts you and as your thinking your building up emotions over the whole situation and at the end you will react in any way your body decides to, no matter what consequences you have to face after the fact. Among the environmental factors that influence personality development are birth order, gender, and the friends a person has (Plomin1989 p.499).
Behavior can come from a wide range of explanations. One …

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