breast implants

Breast implants, should they be made illegal or kept legal? That is the question. I personally think they should be left legal. I will tell you why, give you facts/statistics, arguments etc. about why I think that breast implants should not be illegal. The results of test and the percentages are all real. Allot of the statistics are from the worlds leading developer and manufacturer of saline and silicone filled breast implants, this is the Mcghan medical corp.
In today's society, women can constantly feel the pressure of needing to look their best. Women can develop concerns over their self-image, feeling their breasts are not the right size or shape. A women's breast is fully developed by her twenties. She may have very small under developed breasts or very large breasts that cause back and neck discomfort. Other factors such as pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, age and gravity can take their toll on the appearance of woman's breast adding to the concern. Cosmetic breast surgery offers many options of these concerns, with procedures that can sculpt a woman's breasts to a more becoming size and shape. Breast enhancement procedures can enlarge and contour the breasts, giving a woman a shapely figure and making her more confident in her appearance.
Many women experience a decrease in breast size and shape after pregnancy or with age. Sagging breasts or "breast ptosis" can be corrected with a breast lift and implants placement, giving firmer and younger looking breasts. Overly large breasts can be embarrassing and can also lead to skin irritation and back, neck and shoulder discomfort. Breast reduction procedures remove excess tissue, skin and fat to reshape and lift the breast. This procedure can greatly benefit women of all ages by relieving discomfort and allowing them to have a more active lifestyle. There are many options available to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy. Using implants or the…

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